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  3. Their are a number of reasons for Carpenters.Club One of the main reasons is to help the carpenter make more money, as opposed to drain more of their wallet. In Vancouver, British Columbia Canada in the early 1970's a union carpenter was 20.00/hr, non-union 15/hr. 40 years have passed and today the job offers out there pay between 28.00 and 35.00 per hr. The cost of living in the past 40 years has gone up exponentially and our wage has not. This article is a work in progress, stay tuned ... For your reading pleasure Boomers, Gen-X, Millennials
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    16 x 16 Azek decking

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    Every Month we gather a KMS Tools and give away a couple of tools. The first tool we give away is a new circular saw to a lucky new member just for signing up to Carpenters Club. And the 2nd tool we give away is a New Miter Saw for the best Trick of the Trade. Conditions apply. See contest rules here. Hot Dogs and Beverages provided (donation requested for kids foundation)
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